One of the most well known types of visa is the retirement visa (also known as Immigrant or Non-Immigrant A Visa) which is extendable on a yearly basis. This is only applicable to individuals over the age of 50 who pass specific criminal, health and back-ground checks. 

There are some requirements in terms of proving you have enough funds to support yourself in Thailand during your stay. This will be in the form of either a regular monthly income (or pension) of over 65,000 THB or a lump-sum savings of 800K amount. 

Typically, you are required to produce proof from the bank deposit of 800,000 has been in there for a period of 2 months and for the monthly income you will need a letter from your embassy in Thailand confirming your monthly income.

4 easy steps to obtain a retirement visa in Thailand

Step 1: Obtain a non-immigrant visa (90 day non-immigrant Visa) 5-7 business days to process

Step 2: Open Thai Bank Account (transfer funds to be held in account for 2 months)

Step 3: Obtain 1 year retirement visa

Step 4: 90 day reporting

You are required to report to the immigration police every 90 days to confirm your continued stay in Thailand.

Now that you understand how you can stay in the country it’s time to understand what ownership options are available to you. - Step 2 - Understanding Ownership Options

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