Why Invest in Thailand
The Thai economy continues to strengthen in-part to do with foreign direct investment (FDI). A global trend towards risk diversification in real estate has served as a catalyst to rising investment in the Asian and Oceania regions. 

Thailand's geographic location in the centre of Southeast Asia promotes both business opportunities with surrounding nations and has positioned itself as one of the premier tourist destinations globally.  

Why invest in Thailand can be summarized into 5 main categories

  1. Global Ranking - Did you know Bangkok is ranked as the world’s 1st most global destination cities? Thailand serves as a gateway to foreign investors across Asia with the second largest economy in SEA.

  2. Economic Outlook - Economic growth doesn’t only apply to Thailand but to the region as a whole. The expansion of the tourist sector caters to a forecasted 4% increase in GDP.

  3. Tourism - Thailand attracted over 38.27 million visitors in 2018 alone pouring nearly 2 trillion THB into the Thai economy (up 8% from the previous year). 

  4. Political Support - With the general election behind, the government has recently welcomed foreign investment policy as some foreign-owned business are now eligible to be registered with Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) attracting more businesses to the region.

  5. Infrastructure - With a population of over 70 million people and another 20 million + tourists, the government has launched Thailand 4.0 which is a measure to support and accelerate economic growth by investing 45 billion USD. Investment will be made into airports, railways, sea ports and motorways. Deemed the gateway to Asia the infrastructure will connect more than half of the world's population. 

Why Invest With FazWaz?

At FazWaz, our mission is to make real estate more affordable to the consumer. Having FazWaz represent you in your next investment ensures that your entry into the market is at a value best positioned to achieve a strong ROI and capital appreciation when it’s time to exit the property.

How do we deliver?

Exclusive Pricing & Promotions - FazWaz partners with some of the countries top developers who are known for delivering quality projects on time. FazWaz offers these developers additional marketing exposure in order to secure exclusive pricing and payments plans for our customers. 

FazWaz and the Developer earn less, but our customers earn more. 

Dynamic Pricing - To create more liquidity in the market, FazWaz works with private sellers on the secondary market to ensure competitive price points. Our reach online ensure that we have access to motivated sellers and exceptionally priced properties. 

Buy with FazWaz at a value that reflects market conditions, sell with FazWaz.

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