At FazWaz, a large majority of our customers are considering purchasing a property here in Thailand for the first time. As a new buyer, building a baseline of real estate knowledge can be a painful process as information is scattered all over the internet and there is no clear starting point. For that reason, we have created the FazWaz Help Centre which is a 101 step-by-step guide to buying real estate in Thailand.

We have built an interactive platform allowing you to "choose your own journey" as you make your way through each document meaning that the content presented is relevant to your specific requirements. 

Arm yourself with the essentials before working with the most active, knowledgeable consultants in the country. 

Step 1 - Define Your Motivation

Besides the sandy white beaches and pad thai, what is your primary motivation for considering purchasing a property in Thailand? The country is best known as one of the most famous destinations for tourists and expats in the world. So, why Thailand for you? 

Pure Investment

For those looking to achieve the best return on investment FazWaz has a team that specializes in the top projects across the country. It is common for such projects to offer a guaranteed rental return ranging from 5 to 8% over a term of 3-5 years.  Investors that work with FazWaz have access to exclusive pricing and payment plans exclusive to FazWaz buyers only.

Holiday Home & Investment

For those looking to earn a rental income and work on your tan at the same time, Thailand is a popular choice. Buyers can benefit from project run Rental Management Program or engage the services of a 3rd Party Management Company. Both options offer a hands off, hassle free investment. 


Thailand is a popular destination for those looking to wind down and take advantage of the countries beautiful climate and low cost of living. Thailand is in a 3-way tie as the 6th most cost efficient destination to retire in the world. Access to quality healthcare and a large expat community positions Thailand as a home away from home.

Personal Use Only

For those living and/or working in Thailand buying versus renting in a popular choice. It is also very common for FazWaz clients to have no interest in renting out their property. This category is for you!

Whats sparked your interest to buy in Thailand? What's your motivation?

My motivation is for....

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