When is comes to reselling your property what is easier to sell, a foreign freehold unit or a leasehold property.

This ultimately depends on the property and the demand on that project, some projects especially those operating under a hotel license may only be sold as a leasehold ownership structure which many buyers and investors totally understand and therefore find this the only ownership option available to them.

Foreign freehold ownership is more commonly used in many countries around the world and does give buyers the confirmation of their name on an official title deed (ownership document), so are considered a more recognized form of owning a property, therefore typically easier to sell to other foreigners.

Once the 49% foreign quota in a condominium project is fully sold out, foreign buyers will typically look at the leasehold options, that is on 30 year lease with the option to extend every 30 years. The pricing can sometimes be slightly reduced from the freehold foreign quota, due to the more favourable and recognized freehold structure that exist in many established international property markets.

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