There are a few projects, as in any country, where investor funding or banking approval is pulled at a later stage. This can put a strain on the developer, especially if they are having a slower sales cycle than anticipated.

In order to minimize risk, it is critical to work with an experienced developer with a strong history of delivering quality projects, on time.  For those who haven't, we encourage conducting a legal due diligence on the developer and land title in order to understand how the project is being funded. Uncompleted projects make up a very small percentage of overall projects and developments in Thailand.

We would advise going with a real estate developer that has built, sold and delivered a high quality product already in Thailand, has invested at least in the infrastructure such as a show-unit, cleared the land, have some form or approval from the government in the form of an EIA and IEE document and have added the core project infrastructure, coupled with them demonstrating a successful launch and progressive sales of their project.

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