The condominium juristic team is the department that assists in monitoring the fulfillment of the overall Thai and foreign ownership quotas in a building. 

Ownership titles are not attached to the lifetime ownership of that particular unit. Further explained, in a resale situation, titles are exchanged from owner to owner depending on the nationality of the buyer and seller. For example, if a Thai national purchase a property held in the foreign quota then this quota then becomes available and recorded with the juristic department. 

When considering a resale condominium purchase, make sure you understand the following:

#1 - What is the current ownership of the unit? (Freehold, leasehold or Thai quota)

#2 - If the property is held in the Thai Quota or leasehold, is there any foreign quota available?

#3 - If the foreign quota is full, then ask your Fazwaz consultant what options exists for you to secure ownership of this unit.

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