In some of the holiday markets (like Phuket or Samui) sales are largely driven by international buyers meaning that the foreign quota is in high demand. 

When purchasing an off-plan condo (from a developer) in such markets it is common for the foreign quota to be consumed by early international buyers. Typically Developers will charge a premium for these titles ranging from 250,000 to 500,000 THB. 

Due to demand from non-thai nationals in these markets the developer will offer the rights to units outside of the Foreign quota on a leasehold basis.  

In more domestic markets such as Bangkok, Pattaya, or Chiang Mai the foreign quota remains largely intact with majority of the buyers being Thai nationals.

Regardless of the market of interest, it is important to ask three questions when purchasing a condo. 

#1 - Has the foreign quota been filled?

#2 - If not, is there a cost (outside of taxes & transfer fees) associated with transferring to my name?

#3 - If the foreign quota is full, then ask your Fazwaz consultant what options exist for you to secure ownership of that particular property

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