When considering a landed property purchase on the secondary market (resale market) FazWaz property consultants advise their customers to initially focus on finding a property of interest that matches their requirements first and then examine the ownership of those particular properties. 

With a short list of properties to consider your options to secure ownership as the new buyer will depend on who is selling the property. In other words, what is the current ownership?

1. Is it a thai national who owns the land outright in their name? If so, what options are available to you to transfer ownership?

2. Is it a Thai Company that controls the interest in the land? Does this company have other assets or liabilities?

Or 3 is the Land held through a registered lease structure? What are the terms and conditions of the lease?

The answers to these questions will largely dictate what options exist to transfer you ownership as the new buyer.  

Speak to a FazWaz consultant to narrow down your selected properties and understand what ownership options are available to you.

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