Saving Properties as Favorites

To save a property for later as one of your favorites, simply click on the heart icon - see some examples below:

If you are not already signed-in, you'll see a popup asking you to Sign in or Sign up. You'll need a FazWaz account for us to keep track of your properties so if you don't already have one, sign up for an account now.

Viewing and Editing your Favorite Properties

At some point you'll want to go back and check all those fabulous properties you clicked the heart for. Don't worry, it's very easy. First make sure you're logged-in. After that, on desktop hover over your name on the top-right of the header and click My Favorites:

On mobile you can find the My Favorites menu item behind the three bars on the top-left of the header, then by clicking the arrow next to your name:

After clicking My Favorites you'll be brought to a summary page with basic details and a clickthrough link to each property. If you want to remove a property from your favorites list, simply click the red heart icon on that property.

Bonus: See your Recently-Viewed Properties

FazWaz also stores the properties you view directly, just in case you'd like to see them again later. After clicking through to My Favorites as described above, just look for the Recently Viewed Properties link and click it to find that property you forgot to favorite (desktop only).

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